The Vibrant Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens

Departs: Friday 09 March 2018 - 1 Day

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Tour Code: D1409
Price: Adult £37.75 Senior £35.50


A Feast of Colour at the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens during their extravagant Orchid Festival.
Step inside the tropical paradise of Kew’s Princess of Wales Conservatory and immerse yourself in a celebration of Thailand’s vibrant colours, culture, and magnificent plant life. Enjoy our colourful floral displays, including a bright Vanda tunnel and arches decorated with orchids. There is the opportunity of learning how the Kew botanists are involved in describing and naming orchids, as well as helping to save endangered plant species. So why not join our day out and experience the soundscapes depicting different aspects of Thai life, from tranquil temples to lively forests. Admire the handcrafted Thai umbrellas, an exquisite Bang Pa-In inspired orchid palace and a special Thai cart on loan from Thailand’s embassy in London.

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